The New Breed Comp...

 I've been sitting on this post for what seems like forever know so lets just get it out of the way.. We all know what the deal with is by now. The New breed comp wild style cover pre-order version #70/200. This is probably the best nyhc comp to ever come out period. Finally pressed on vinyl. comes with a reprint of the zine that came with the tape with a couple extra bonus tracks from Life's Blood and All for one.


Billingsgate - Reach Out

 I picked this up when I was in NYC a couple months ago now. I really did not know much about this other then it was a early Victory Records release (no.2) and that the cover picture was amazing, look at these guys you got 2 guys wearing trench coats a long hair smoking a cig a straight edge dude and dude that looks like a joker at the end what a mish mash of dudes here. On the other end Billingsgate play youth crew style of music that kind of reminds me of Turning Point, recorded in 1989 and out of Illinois. This 7" was way better then I thought it was going to be. The lyrics for each song are a short novel in length. I would suggest picking this up if you see it for under $5.
Oh yeah whoever owned this before coped a set list folded it up and tossed it in with the 7"! It was a nice added bonus when buying this record!


HOAX 2eps

I picked this one up a while ago thou the Youth Attack Mailorder fiasco that happened about 5 months ago. I've had this for a while now just getting around to posting about it now. Hoax are one of the best current bands playing this style of hardcore at the moment killer songs killer live show. This is there second 7" on YA limited to 200 copies on Clear/White vinyl.

 The 3rd ep from Hoax on Painkiller have I have also had this for about 2 months. Huge poster insert that Hoax are becoming custom with there 7"s this thing looks and sounds killer.