Time Flies - s/t TEST PRESS

I knows it's been a year since my last post. No I did not stop buying records but the camera I was using to take photos of the records I was buying broke and I did not have a good cell phone until recently to take photos with. But I'm back and I'll try and keep this blog updated a little more then once a year. So to make up lets start off with a record I have wanted forever and just recently got..

Time Flies - s/t Test Press on inVAsion Records.. I have been collection Time Flies records for about 12 years now and first heard the band in 1999 when I read a interview with the band and blindly bought there LP with out hearing it. I know pretty much have every press of the 2 7"s and 1 LP they pressed except a friends press for this 7" and both 7" test presses and have not really been looking for them to hard as they rarely ever come up for sale. I saw this on ebay a month or so ago and decided it was going to be in my collection.. I just recently sold some unwanted demos on eBay so I had a bunch of extra money in my PayPal waiting to be spent and this was the perfect record to get.. there where about 20 or so test presses made for this record and there are 2 different covers and some dont even come with a cover.. so I have no idea how many have this "tattoo flash" cover but it did have the buyers name written on the cover and on the matrix of the record. Turns out he was just close friends with the label and band so thats how he got it.. I am pretty excited to give this a good home..


End The Warzone / Krakdown

I've wanted to get my hands on this thing for a while now and after I finally picked up a copy of the Straight Ahead 12" it kinda lit a fire under my butt. I am not one to search ebay every week for something so I was just hoping to see it up there someday. Then a friend of mine gave me a ring at work about a month ago and asked he I wanted to come over and buy some records so I skipped out of work early and took the bus over there I have been focusing on buying NYHC records so when I happen to flip past this I knew I had to grab it.. This is the first press with blue labels. Defiantly a nice piece to add to the collection.   
While I was there I also was able to grab a copy of the Krakdown 7"!. Such a killer record I've also been meaning to grab one of these to..  Like most copies of this mine does not come with the insert. I know these are insanely rare to come by but would take a photo copy of one if anyone out there happen to have it


Stick Together - No More Games

I know that I've been seriously neglecting this blog but I've been picking up some new records in the last couple weeks that I can finally post about.. First up Stick Together rolled though my area a week or so ago now and had the latest press of there No More Games 7" on Clear with what I'm guessing is a tour cover as they had just came up to Canada and did 4 shows over a weekend and a Monday.

From what I gathered is that they had about 80 of these with out covers left over so they threw this together and sold for the tour. The complete package is lacking sustenance ( no insert no lyrics)  the only little extra thing here is that it says its Sprau Records #002 on the back cover. Any one know what was labeled as Sprau Records #001?


Braid split 7"

Braid has been one of my favorite bands since I heard them in the late 90's. Since they got back together 2 years ago they put out a ep called closer to closed, it was good but took me a while to get into. In January they announced they had a new split 7" coming out with Balance and Composure who I have never heard of but I pre-ordered the record as soon as it went up from the braid webstore and got the Dark Maroon Red vinyl out of 700. The 2 braid songs sound like they where outtakes from frame and canvas I think I listened to there side 10 times in a row being amazed with how great these songs where. I only put the Balance and composure side on once and could not even make it though the first song. I guess that I don't have what it takes to check out new "emo" bands these days. Ill just stick to who I know



Halfoff, Iceburn.

 This past spring Violent Future played 2 gigs down in Brooklyn and Philly on the way to Philly the day after Brooklyn we stopped at Double Decker Records in Allentown,PA I've heard a ton of stories of finds at this store and have never been there we got up early and made our way. I have posted a couple of the records I picked up that day on here in the past but this is just whats left over now.. There was no big hitters for sale as the owner said he just sold a couple in the last month or so before we got there. But he was having a 50% off used 7" sale so fittingly I found a Halfoff - Shooting Guns 7" on clear and a Iceburn - Burn Fall 7" on Clear for about $2 each. Both bands I have never really gotten around to checking out yet. Halfoff have 2 original songs and a Bad Brains cover of Sailin On the cover is ok and the originals sparked my interest in checking out there LP.
Iceburn did not really surprise me at all from what I've heard of this band (there LP's on REV) I would have to say this is there best stuff. But still its not really my thing. I might listen to this once in a while thou.

Ten Yard Fight 7's

 I have been sitting on these next couple posts since June of this year so lets blow them out before the new year gets here. I picked these up when a friend of mine was selling some records in the summer I already had copies of these just not on these colors and for the price I got them at why not pick them up? Ten Yard Fight where one of the first straight edge YC style bands I ever checked out I got there back on track CD and it truly did change how I looked at music from there on out so adding more vinyl to my collection is always nice. First up is the TYF demo 1995 7" with red cover I believe they did red, yellow, green and maybe one other color for the covers out of 500 each I now have yellow and red.
 You can pretty much pick this record up for $5 across the board any press of it and there are many This one is a first press on red out of 1000 and from what I've read online only 500 of them where numbered I got #242  Two solid bands for the price of one record here.


Bastard - Controled In The Frame

 Sometimes it takes me a while to check out bands all my friends are talking about this is one of those cases I only payed attention to the music last new years at a friends house and I blown away buy what I heard holy shit this stuff is insane. Since then I have been checking out a bunch of Japanese hardcore bands and have been loving ever second of it. I picked this up from Grave Mistake shortly after I heard it. Reissued by 540 Records for there Chaos in Tejas gigs. Now I waiting for someone to reissue wind of pain cuz there is no way I can afford to pick up an original of that at the moment.