A couple weeks ago Mindset / Peace and Secret People where playing a gig in Buffalo, NY. thats about a 2 hr drive from Toronto. I got in touch with everyone I thought would be interested in going and everyone had other plans or where going to be out of town, so about 2 days before the show I decided I would take the greyhound down to the gig. I would be the first time since 2005 that I've done a solo mission like this got a show. I have been buds with the Mindset crew for a while now so Igot in touch with a couple them to see if it was possible to be picked up from the bus station. Once I got into town I walked around got a slice of pizza and then got picked up. The venue was at a old funeral home and a couple people lived upstairs. after the show someone who lived there brought us down stairs and gave us a tour of the morgue. There was not a lot to look at other then piles of garbage left from past tenants. It was awesome to go hang out with the guys in Mindset and meet the guys from Peace and Secret People.

First piece of vinyl I picked up was the new Mindset EP collection on gold with a Mindset stamp on the sleeve. Ev was saying they wanted the vinyl to be on Yellow to match the Time and Pressure record release vinyl but this is what they ended up with. I'm not to sure how many of these there are.

Another main reason for me to go down is to see Peace. I was a huge TFS fan and this picks up right where they left off. I had to pick up a copy of this for a friend and I pre -ordered  a copy from React! so I had no plans on getting one for myself till I saw it was on Gold /100 how could I pass on this I knew I would be kicking myself later.

I also picked up 2 records from Secret People. The one on the right is a Pre- Release version of a split with Sacred Love.

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  1. Impressive haul! I would say it was worth the drive. Still, going to shows by yourself sucks. As I get older I've been finding myself doing it more and more :P