Superchunk - This Summer b/w Cruel Summer

Superchunk have quickly became one of my favourite bands in the last 5 years. I even got the little tube from the cover of there last album tattooed on my last year. I was not totally up on this release when it came out I heard about it though a friend after it sold out at a local shop. Superchunk has done a thing with there last 3 7"s where 95% of them are only available at record stores so  I called around and everyone in town and it was sold out everywhere. I emailed a fellow Superchunk follower and the person who got me into them to check there local store and they found it! Anyway after a mild panic they handed it off to my co-worker and fellow band mate (who's other band was on tour on the west coast at the time) and it was finally in my hands.. 1 new song and 1 cover. the new song is this summer its a slower poppy tune a classic tune to add to there catalog. Side B is a Bananarama cover called Cruel Summer I've never heard the original of this tune but Superchunk made it there own.

The last 3 7"s also have come hand numbered and this one is to #496/1300


  1. You've never heard cruel summer? Surely you've seen karate kid?? And I mean the original with Ralph macchio and Elizabeth shue of course

    1. Just listened to the original.. I have for sure heard it before just slipped the mind.. I think I like the superchunk version better thou... :)

  2. Yeah it's a pretty cool version for sure