End The Warzone / Krakdown

I've wanted to get my hands on this thing for a while now and after I finally picked up a copy of the Straight Ahead 12" it kinda lit a fire under my butt. I am not one to search ebay every week for something so I was just hoping to see it up there someday. Then a friend of mine gave me a ring at work about a month ago and asked he I wanted to come over and buy some records so I skipped out of work early and took the bus over there I have been focusing on buying NYHC records so when I happen to flip past this I knew I had to grab it.. This is the first press with blue labels. Defiantly a nice piece to add to the collection.   
While I was there I also was able to grab a copy of the Krakdown 7"!. Such a killer record I've also been meaning to grab one of these to..  Like most copies of this mine does not come with the insert. I know these are insanely rare to come by but would take a photo copy of one if anyone out there happen to have it

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