Chain Of Strength / Slipknot

CHAIN OF STRENGTH - TRUE TILL DEATH -First Press - Green Vinyl / 2000 - Revelation Records

Both of these came in the mail this week. The Chain record has always been on the tops of my want list. I had some extra cash kicking it in my paypal account from selling some shirts on ebay and just started to look around on Discogs a couple weeks before I saw this on there for cheaper then what its been going for on eBay so I snapped it up. I'm pretty happy adding this into my collection.

SLIPKNOT - EP - First Press / 3500 - Revelation Records

Also picked the slipknot 7" on discogs also when I bought it the listing was for a Red Vinyl copy of it so when it showed up and it was on black I was kind of mad. I emailed the seller and told him it was listed wrong and the only reason I bought it was because it was on red. He gave me a $5 refund so the record only ended up costing me $3. Another rev release to add on the shelf.

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  1. Too bad the slipknot 7" isn't the red version man. Still a decent record for the collection though. Just keep your eyes open to add the red to the black I guess.
    Cool blog too man. I've added you to regular vinyl blogs I follow!!