Give the alternate covers

A couple months ago I noticed Give posted all 3 of the new 7"s up on there webstore before the labels posted about them. Also in the store they had alternate covers for each of the 3 new 7"s coming out. As you know each 7" has a live picture of a member of Give but they have had friends fill in live every once and a while. So as a thank you to them they made up 50 - 100 covers up for each fill in members and one is even a full time member now.

Flowerhead "Dean Rocha" Cover /50 - Youngblood

They all have this little white block on the back cover under the labels logo. I am only going to take a picture of this record but all the back covers are the same to the actual covers. Maybe they where going to hand number them and decided against it?

I am Love "Austin" Cover /50 - Triple B
Petal Pushing "Doug Free" Cover /100 - Painkiller

With there respective covers:

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