Interpol 7"s

Last weekend a friend of mine was selling some records to make some room the prize of the collection was a brotherhood 7" first press. I was the first person there but was late to make an offer on it. I will get it another time. I still looked thou the boxes of records and the only thing that really caught my eye where these Interpol records I picked up a couple TEST PRESSES of 3 of the early 7"s on Matador and 3 of the regular presses I was able to get C'mere 1 Test press , C'mere 2 Test press Say Hello to the Angles / NYC Test Press. I emailed Matador and found out there was only about 10 of these made each. I also picked up the regular versions of C'mere 1 and 2 that are both numbered out of what i guess was 5000 c'mere 1 is #4037 and #2 is #0895 and a copy of Obstacle 1. I would have never thought I would own these records but its a good little surprise to the collection.

All 3 of the test presses together

Obstacle 1: C'mere 1 and 2 w/ the Test Presses:

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