Ten Yard Fight 7's

 I have been sitting on these next couple posts since June of this year so lets blow them out before the new year gets here. I picked these up when a friend of mine was selling some records in the summer I already had copies of these just not on these colors and for the price I got them at why not pick them up? Ten Yard Fight where one of the first straight edge YC style bands I ever checked out I got there back on track CD and it truly did change how I looked at music from there on out so adding more vinyl to my collection is always nice. First up is the TYF demo 1995 7" with red cover I believe they did red, yellow, green and maybe one other color for the covers out of 500 each I now have yellow and red.
 You can pretty much pick this record up for $5 across the board any press of it and there are many This one is a first press on red out of 1000 and from what I've read online only 500 of them where numbered I got #242  Two solid bands for the price of one record here.

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