Halfoff, Iceburn.

 This past spring Violent Future played 2 gigs down in Brooklyn and Philly on the way to Philly the day after Brooklyn we stopped at Double Decker Records in Allentown,PA I've heard a ton of stories of finds at this store and have never been there we got up early and made our way. I have posted a couple of the records I picked up that day on here in the past but this is just whats left over now.. There was no big hitters for sale as the owner said he just sold a couple in the last month or so before we got there. But he was having a 50% off used 7" sale so fittingly I found a Halfoff - Shooting Guns 7" on clear and a Iceburn - Burn Fall 7" on Clear for about $2 each. Both bands I have never really gotten around to checking out yet. Halfoff have 2 original songs and a Bad Brains cover of Sailin On the cover is ok and the originals sparked my interest in checking out there LP.
Iceburn did not really surprise me at all from what I've heard of this band (there LP's on REV) I would have to say this is there best stuff. But still its not really my thing. I might listen to this once in a while thou.

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