Braid split 7"

Braid has been one of my favorite bands since I heard them in the late 90's. Since they got back together 2 years ago they put out a ep called closer to closed, it was good but took me a while to get into. In January they announced they had a new split 7" coming out with Balance and Composure who I have never heard of but I pre-ordered the record as soon as it went up from the braid webstore and got the Dark Maroon Red vinyl out of 700. The 2 braid songs sound like they where outtakes from frame and canvas I think I listened to there side 10 times in a row being amazed with how great these songs where. I only put the Balance and composure side on once and could not even make it though the first song. I guess that I don't have what it takes to check out new "emo" bands these days. Ill just stick to who I know


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