Time Flies - s/t TEST PRESS

I knows it's been a year since my last post. No I did not stop buying records but the camera I was using to take photos of the records I was buying broke and I did not have a good cell phone until recently to take photos with. But I'm back and I'll try and keep this blog updated a little more then once a year. So to make up lets start off with a record I have wanted forever and just recently got..

Time Flies - s/t Test Press on inVAsion Records.. I have been collection Time Flies records for about 12 years now and first heard the band in 1999 when I read a interview with the band and blindly bought there LP with out hearing it. I know pretty much have every press of the 2 7"s and 1 LP they pressed except a friends press for this 7" and both 7" test presses and have not really been looking for them to hard as they rarely ever come up for sale. I saw this on ebay a month or so ago and decided it was going to be in my collection.. I just recently sold some unwanted demos on eBay so I had a bunch of extra money in my PayPal waiting to be spent and this was the perfect record to get.. there where about 20 or so test presses made for this record and there are 2 different covers and some dont even come with a cover.. so I have no idea how many have this "tattoo flash" cover but it did have the buyers name written on the cover and on the matrix of the record. Turns out he was just close friends with the label and band so thats how he got it.. I am pretty excited to give this a good home..