I was reading Across Your Face Blog post about the GIVE lp and I was reminded that I had a pretty rare version of this record that most people might not even knew existed thus this post.

LOJ played a gig up in Toronto in July 2009 and brought up a couple GIVE records to sell, the record had just came out and actual covers where not ready at the time (i think) so they made up about 20 copies with this photocopied cover with the "give flower" on it and photocopied insert and sold them here. I really did not know much about the band at the time other then it had a couple LOJ guys in the band and since I was friends with them I picked this up. I was sold on this band as soon as I put on the record. As you know they have released 5 7"s since then and the songs are just getting better and better. anyway just thought I would make a little post about this and let the give completist out there know there is another record that might be impossible to search for on eBay.

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  1. Thanks for posting this and for the shout out!!! Man I am jealous... I hope one of these pops up soon but I have a feeling I'll have to be patient and wait it out!