Hounds Of Hate - No Redemption

I downloaded this record about 2 months ago when I found out my band was playing a show with HOH and wanted to check em out, I was not really sold on the band at first until I saw them live. They killed it and had the energy that I was looking for. I picked up the 7" from the band and have played it a couple times since then great songs good band.


  1. Is this Oi??? Yeah man please post that Give record when you get a chance. Ah, I almost wish I didn't know about it now hahaha... Hopefully eventually when it pops up on Ebay it wont go for too much. Searching for Give vinyl on there is a real pain in the ass

    1. not straight up Oi more like Warzone / Oi you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/?n8zy9d4o64sidwg