Record Store Day 2012

Well Record Store Day had came and went. When looking at the list this year not to many records really popped out at me but somehow I still came home with a good little haul. The only records I knew about that I was looking for this year was the DEVO live LP. I guess someone found this recording in a box and cleaned it up and decided to put it on vinyl. there are alot of bangers on this! I follow Devo on facebook and they have been updating a ton about this record. I actually went to the store on Friday and bought this along with the Misfits lp so I would not have to deal with the line ups on the actual day.
I dont own a Walk Among Us so I thought what better time to pick this up now that its on colored vinyl? I ended up getting Red out of 1250. I asked for the CFA 7" but they thought they did not get any so I went home.

Saturday rolls around and I'm at home and bored so I jump on my bike and hit up the local punk record store cuz one of my friends is working. I picked up the Poison Idea 7" there. There was no way I could afford to buy an original of this so I was happy to spend the $12 for this (even thou 12 for a new 7" is kinda stupid) after hanging for a bit I decided to walk next store just to see if there was anything I miss and as soon as I walk in one of the owners points my attention to behind the counter I guess they where shipped ONE CFA 7" and he put it behind the counter and out of the eyes of everyone in the shop. Pretty awesome! I really did not think that I was going to get this record. I peek at the shelf and see a Raveonettes 2x7" w/ 4 new songs on it! I had no idea this thing was even coming out. I love this band and these new batch of songs did not let me down!

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  1. you made out better than me. I'm just glad I got the poison idea 7", but the cause for alarm wasnt at any stores and the misfits sold out fast