NXNE Record Show pick ups

  I've been seriously slacking with updating this blog. My cameras batteries died a month or so ago and I just got around to buying some new rechargeables so I should not have this problem for a while now. Anyway Last week in Toronto was NXNE its our little version of SXSW. They put on a record show at a hotel on Saturday afternoon so I headed down to see if there was anything I was interested in. I found a discounted 7" bin from one seller that had some high prices 7" and picked up the following for $10

Handsome st 7" on Sub Pop Records. My old roommate loved this band and was always trying to get me to check them out. If you don't know anything about Handsome they where a band that started around 96 and broke up in 98 featuring Tom Cappone of Quicksand/Bold/ Beyond , Pete Hines of Murphys Law/ Cro Mags and members of Helmet. anyway this band has the post hardcore quicksandy sound. I got around to checking them out about a year ago now and this is the first time I came by this record. Im sure you can find it in a dollar bin somewhere. 
The Fire Theft - Chain b/w Sinatra - This band is 3/4 of Sunny Day Real Estate. This is the first single they put out to promote the LP that followed it then the band broke up as fast as they came around. This picks up right where the Rising Tide left of. Its decent but nowhere as good as the first 3 SDRS LP's

Shredder Records Comp Vol.2 - I see this record around alot in stores with a price tag of $10+ on it. That always seems a little steep to pay for 1 song on a comp that I liked so finding it for $2.50 was a little treat. So this comp has songs from Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine, Moral Cruz and A Priori and the only reason people still buy this record is cuz of the Jawbreaker song on it.  other then that one song this is a huge pile of crap at least in my eyes.

Rain Like The Sound of Trains - st.
Another band same roommate had a 7" of and said I would be into it. It has a very 90's emo rock kinda feel to it kinda like the later era DC Gray Matter stuff. also is a split release w/ Dischord Records No.85.5 to be exact. Its not horrible but I wont be listening to this record that often. 

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