OBITS - Let Me Dream If I Want To.

 Obits came out with the new 7" about a month ago now. I use to work at a label that distro'd Sub Pop in Canada so I got in touch with one of my friends that still works there to see if I could snag one on the cheap. I had to wait for 3 different orders of this to come in before there where copies that he could grab for me. I was in no hurry to get my hands on this record because these where just 2 covers from Mink DeVille and The Kids on the 7" and I don't really follow either artist. I just got this last night and not knowing the originals of this might be good cuz these 2 songs are super chill laid back rock jams that Obits seem to knock out of the park. If you don't know my now this band has Rick Froberg from Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes singing in it.  As Always Sub Pop killed it with the layout on the standard sleeve here. and the blue vinyl is a nice touch.

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