Only The Strong Comp

 I don't know why it's taken me so long to get my hands on this..maybe I have not been looking.. anyway I picked this up last week in a local store for cheap. Victory Records #5 Only the strong comp. There are alot of really great bands on this one the main seller here for me was the CONFRONT and FACE VALUE. Ya sure INTEGRITY are also on here and there good and all but I have never been totally sold on that band. also on here are LIFE CYCLE, INSIGHT and MEANSTREAK. Pretty solid line up for a compilation. I have no idea on the pressing info on this thing.. I've seen it with a red cover and on colored vinyl (ithink) also I think I'm missing an insert as this only had a mailorder catalog from 1996 tucked in there. So my guess that this is not a first press does anyone have any info on this?

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